Starring in the evolution of communication in the digital age

marketing and communication agency Milano

  • We have 30 years experience and integrate the social media in traditional communication
  • We facilitate the business networking, Having an extensive network of reliable and quality reports, creating synergies and partnerships at various levels
  • We operate mainly in the Italian market partnership UK, Germany, France and Spain

Office printing, digital PR, marketing, lead generation: All projects are born from our passion and expertise, with an inevitable touch of creativity and innovation.

The formula Grandangolo

  • Soft skills, resulting from experience gained in the company and the agency
  • Specialization in the sectors ICT, Tourism, Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Strong relationships with the press
  • Networking with partners that ensure quality
  • Flexibility and versatility for the development of the client's business
  • Attention and care in relationships that create customer loyalty and synergies
  • marketing and communication agency ict Milano


Rosy Auricchio
Founder & Managing Director

He has professional experience in over 20 years, covering increasing responsibility in the marketing division of multinational ICT companies in the industry, thanks to which it has acquired a broad vision of communication tools useful for business development. Before he joining Wide served as marketing and communications manager at StorageTek Italy, and marketing manager for the Enterprise Division at Microsoft Italy, with responsibility for communications activities for key Italian groups. He started working in computer science in 1984 the Pirelli Group in support of OA projects and internal training.

Claudio Gobbato

Profondo conoscitore delle problematiche e dinamiche del largo consumo, grazie all’esperienza maturata in oltre 25 anni attraverso posizioni di responsabilità sempre crescenti. Ha operato in aziende del canale retail e grocery, quali Gs-Carrefour, Conad, Mdo, Ubl (start up di soluzioni e-commerce) e Martini, ricoprendo il ruolo di Direttore Commerciale e Marketing nonché di Amministratore Delegato in alcune aziende del settore produttivo, tra le quali Gruppo Biochimica e Nuova Elberel.