Campagne marketing corporate identity

Campaigns corporate marketing identity. We develop and manage initiatives marketing structured:

  • Creativity and advertising campaigns, headlines, payoff and slogan
  • Media planning
  • Studio brand and coordinated corporate image
  • Realization brochures, flyers, catalogs, newsletters, house organ
  • Production Videos and Webinars
  • Direct Marketing
  • Web marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Website development
  • promotional material and gadgets

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity or corporate identity is the perception that customers have of the company, as they see and perceive. That's why it is so important for a company to build its own through a targeted communication strategy and a coordinated image flawless in order to be able to hit the right target, convey to potential customers its value and differentiate themselves from competitors.

In the corporate identity they are enclosed in the core values ​​and objectives of a brand, as its founders had in mind when they decided to create it. A strong corporate identity and well-defined mission and transmits the last vision of the brand.