Marketing to surprise

Sometimes you have to step outside the box, to be remembered. Examples are irreverent advertising campaigns, which do so much to discuss, or viral videos that generate millions of views and make the rounds of all the social networks.

To attract the attention of a specific target audience and generate quality leads, however, you can choose another way.

In technical terms it defines Direct marketing. In practical terms it means surprising.

The idea came from reading the book Malala YousafzaiWhich makes us think about how the change is an irreplaceable value, leading to the achievement of our goals and encourages us to improve and always look beyond. This applies both in life and in business.

At a time like this, send a message containing this gift is a gesture nevertheless significant impact.

Ê what we have achieved for a client: an elegant box, book Malala inside and a letter with an invitation to an exclusive evening at the cinema.

The surprise effect is guaranteed, lead generation too.

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